Del Alvarado: Vice President – Electronic Design Studio

Del AlvaradoDel Alvarado is Vice President – Electronic Design Studio. His experience includes more than nine years of direct involvement in our Auto-Cad Design and Production Facility. His education and training includes multiple Computer, IT and Auto-Cad Seminars activities. Del oversees the MRA Information Technology Hardware and Software services.

After graduating from Wayne Valley High School, he was on active duty in the United States Air Force where he participated in multiple deployments. Del received specialized training and was engaged in operational assignments in Satellite and Wideband Communications.

Prior to joining MRA in 2005, Del worked for three years in a Food and Beverage industry where he gained valuable experience and training in all aspects of the F&B Function.

At MRA, Del continues his training and education in Electronic Design and Technologies including Revit. He is a member of BICSI and has completed the BICSI - ITS Design Courses. He is currently in the process of completing his BICSI-RCDD Certification.