Christopher N. Raiser: Senior Vice President

Chris RaiserChristopher "Chris" Raiser’s professional business experience extends over more than 35 years in large-scale international project management, sales and marketing, and information services in the hospitality/casino, commercial, and defense industries. His management responsibilities at MRA include the digital documentation process from schematic through as-built construction.

Before joining MRA, Chris was Vice President of Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation, the then world’s leading producer of computer-generated imaging systems. Prior to E & S, he held many positions with ECC International including Vice President of International Programs.

Chris is a graduate of Lehigh University and a member of InfoCom and HTNG.


Chris N. Raiser died on December 23, 2014; his passing was sudden and not expected. This page remains in our Company Profile in Memory of our loyal employee, Chris, and his twenty-three years as a Principal and major contributor to the growth and reputation of MRA.